Fall Road Trip – Day 2: Stopping for Breakfast and a Exercise Break


After driving all night, we stopped off at the McDonald’s in Post, TX for a hot meal, bathroom, and to make the transition from nighttime to day time. We don’t regret our choice to drive this route through Texas, but …

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Fall Road Trip Day 2: Driving the Backroads of Texas


Texas is the second largest state in the US, and now the kids know that for a fact! We left last night on our fall road trip around 10:30 and drove all through the night, through the back highways of …

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September 2010: Day Trip to Galveston, TX


Galveston, TX, USA It had been too long since our last road trip, or trip of any kind. We were all getting a bit stir crazy, so Labor Day we decided at the last minute to head for the beach, …

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