Family road trips are a wonderful way for families to explore this beautiful world and connect with each other, forming memories over treasured experiences and cool destinations.

We are family of 6 – 2 parents, four kids (2 girls, 2 boys) who love to take road trips together. In fact if we go too long without a road trip, we get a little stir crazy. :)

Fun Family Road Trips began back in 2004 as Travels with Kids over on Blogger, as a way for us to share our 2004 road trip with family and friends.

Now, several road trips later, we have ressurrected it to share past, current, and future road trips with our family, friends, and other families.

So who are we?

ShannonI’m Shannon, generally the scribe here at FunFamilyRoadTrips.com, a homeschooling, work-at-home mom to four fun kids. My favorite childhood memories are of the trips we’d take as a kid, and I love traveling and building memories with my own family.

Then there’s Greg, a programmer guy and an awesome dad, who loves to travel by road, but not so much by plane.

He thankfully tolerates and even enjoys all our crazy road trips, and while it gets old loading and unloading the van, he is just as eager as we are when we are about to set out on a new adventure :)

And there’s our fabulous kids:



2009 Road Trip - Minnesota Zoo

2009 Road Trip: At the Minnesota Zoo Back: Little E and Z Front: J and K

Kgirl is our teenager, a seasoned traveler who had more air plane trips under her belt by the age of 1 then most adults do in their entire life. She and I are the most likely to go stir crazy if we don’t travel somewhere every so often. She loves anything related to adventure, and has a long list of places she’d like to see and things she’d like to do.

J is our 11, 12 almost 13 yo, and just a really great kid. He loves the outdoors and adventure. Even as a  baby, he needed to be outside, exploring. When he’s not outside, he’s usually playing games – board games, card games, computer games, video games, you name it. If it’s a game, he usually likes it.

Z is our 8 10 year old, who loves music and playing outdoors. He’s not one to be kept cooped up in a house, but in a car – that’s a different story. He is usually the most excited about a road trip.

Little E is our feisty 8 yo. If you ever meet her along the way, you’ll see what I mean – she’s full of personality, life, and energy. And as you’ll tell in all her pictures, her favorite color is PINK!


Jazzy & K peeking out the back of the van, 2009 Road Trip
Jazzy & K peeking out the back of the van during the 2009 road trip

And then there’s Jazzy, K’s little Bichon Frise puppy. Well, she’s not a puppy anymore, but at 9lbs and 9 inches, she will always look like one.

Jazzy took her first road trip at 10 weeks old, and has since made two marathon road trips with us – in 2009 to Minnesota and in 2010 to Oregon – and is about to set out on another. She loves people, and to play ball. She’s not keen being cooped in the car for long distances, but she loves hanging out with her family – and doesn’t ever want to be left behind!

Our new traveling companion is Sirius, a 90lb Lab/Boxer mix named after the Dog Star in the Orion constellation. Sirius is about to embark on his first major road trip. But he love the car, and like Jazzy, hates to be left behind. So we have high hopes for great travel memories with Sirius.

So please, come along with us! We love to have company, hear your thoughts, learn about your favorite destinations, and always glean tips from our fellow travelers.

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