Where are we going to stay in San Diego?

Today as I spent a few hours recovering from a massive headache, I flipped through the San Diego Visitors Planning Guide. After reviewing the list of activities possible, I realized that I needed to take a serious look at what accomodations are available. We are going to be spending day-time hours walking through attractions with four kids, I need to make sure we have a restful place to stay (and recover). So what I am looking for?

  • Price – My budget is limited.
  • Family-friendly atmosphere – It is not restful to stay in a lovely hotel with a business or adult traveller focus. I spend more time trying to keep the kids quiet than resting myself.
  • High-speed internet access – Learned my lesson on this on our trip in November! I must have high-speed internet access in order to function, without it I stress!
  • An in-room refrigerator – Milk, cheese, yogurt, and soda are in-room must haves. In-room refrigerators make life much easier and cut down on the eating out or convenience store trips.
  • Room for six – Our kids are too young to be in a room by themselves and my pocketbook doesn’t allow for it.

Have any recommendations?

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