How tall is a Giraffe?

We are currently looking for places to visit a real-life giraffe. Kate wants to know how tall they are. But when I suggested we look it up on the computer, she responded, “No, mom! I want to see one.” Barring travelling to Kenya, so far we’ve identified these possibilities:

- The new baby giraffe at the Los Angelos Zoo ( Their website even has a web-cam to watch the giraffe. A good friend of mine lives within 5 minutes of the zoo and says her daughter loves to stop by to say hi to the new giraffe.

- The Sacramento Zoo (

- The San Diego Zoo and San Diego Wild Animal Park (

- The Oregon Zoo in Portland, OR (

And the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, CO has a live web-cam of their giraffe exhibit at

Know of any other good places to visit giraffes, please share them with us!

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