If we had more time…

The downside of traveling is that you realize there is so much more to see.

If we had had more time, I’d like to have visited:

- The Evergreen Avaition Museum in Oregon (did you know there are four avaition museums in Oregon!)

- The children’s museum in Salem, Oregon

- One of the dams along the Columbia River (how many dams are along that river anyway?)

- Yosemite Park (during off-season but before restricted access)

- The Children’s Museum in St. Paul, MN (it’s been a couple years, but was very much worth the price last time we were there.)

- The Natural History Museum in Denver (my brother recommended it!)

- An emu farm in Iowa

- The Laura Ingalls Wilder site in Walnut Grove, MN (site of the sod house in Along the Banks of Plum Creek)

Maybe another time. In the meantime I’m trying to figure out a legitimate reason to visit San Diego.

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