Down to the final hours.

We decided not to work through the night preparing. Instead, the essential prep work is being finished up – you know – laundry, dishes, bills, work. Then in the morning after Kate’s soccer game, we’ll come home pack, load up, and be on our way.

Kate, Josh, and I are excited. Kate told everyone she encountered today that we were leaving tomorrow to visit “Thirteen States!” Interesting reactions from people. Greg is stressing a bit, but lack of sleep factors in there.

Today the audio tapes I bought on eBay arrived – the first four Magic Tree House books and a set of Madeline stories. Earlier in the week the new software – Zoombini’s Logical Journey and Kid Pix as well as the new audio cd Hide ‘em in Your Heart arrived. It is always nice to have fresh entertainment to pull out of the hat. I like having audio books and music CDs for the winding roads and night time when Kate can’t play or read or color. Helps keep her mind occupied while she watches the road.

Debating on which and how many Legos to bring. Have to bring some; they are such an integral part of the kids’ day, going two weeks without any seems impossible. Also, I’d much rather have them playing Legos in the car then watching videos or DVDs.

My parents graciously loaned us the TV/VCR from their RV. (Thank you!) I know it’ll be a great tool during our blitz driving sessions, but I’m concerned about using it too much. Afterall, part of the point is to see the country as we drive by.

Also, Thanks to the Ruggles for taking care of the cats, rabbit, and plants while we are gone!

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