Westminster, Colorado

We had a centering day in Colorado today. Nippy weather, combined with indoor activities and lots of rest made for a good day. We only made the Butterfly Pavilion and dinner with my brother and his wife. As you can see from the pictures below, the kids really enjoyed the interactive exhibits at the Butterfly Pavilion.

The first room we visited had all types of insects, including giant cockroaches, leaf insects, and of course Rosie the Tarantula. The next section had the tide pool exhibits and a small octupus. Next we moved to the “Shrunk” exhibit, which had giant animatronic exhibits of ants, a scorpion, a praying mantis, and other exhibits like the noises and flight ones you see the kids at in the pictures below. We also saw butterfly scales, a flea, and honey bee stinger through a microscope.

Finally we hit the conservatory. An amazing affect having all those butterflies around you. New butterflies are released twice a day. Because of the cold Colorado weather and the space needed to grow catipillars, the butterflies are imported during the chyralis stage. There is an exhibit of the chyrallis awaiting emergence at the entrance of the conservatory. I never realized there were so many different types of chyrallis.

Very interesting day – at least from my standpoint!

Now we are psyching ourselves up for the long drive home – 1451 miles according to Mapquest. We have no scheduled stops, so what we will see or do along the way will be purely on impulse or a by product of necessity. Enjoy the pictures. We’ll upload more when we have internet access again.

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