Scrambling to Get it All Done

We adults are scrambling trying to figure out how to cram everything that needs to be done into the time left. With work to be done (as in j-o-b-s), prep for the trip, school work, soccer games, and the normal household stuff, there seems to be too much to do.

We are beginning to prioritize by the “would like to do”s and the “have to do”s. And then, there is the “We can do that along the way”. Right now it looks like an transmission fluid change will be one of those “Do along the way” items, while packing is on the “have to do” list.

Kate is focused on the fact she needs to pack tomorrow (Friday). She is always the best packer on these things. Joshua is prepping his Care Bear for the trip. And Zachary and Esther are oblivious.

I think we finally hit upon a seating arrangement that will work out initially. One that is relatively whine free. We took out one of the captain’s chairs so the three older kids sit on the bench seat. That opens up the space for getting in and out and in theory for playing on the floor if it is raining during our stops.

One more day to go – before lift off.

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