Setting off on a New Road Trip

We’re about to set off on a new road trip!  Destination – Minnesota!

We’ll be driving from Houston, TX through Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and all the way through Minnesota up to Lake Superior.  In all, it’s about 2,906 miles there and back.

Travel Itineary for Houston to Minnesota road trip

Last time we went to Minnesota, we just were going to Rochester in south eastern Minnesota, and decided to pull the all-nighter to make the drive in one straight shot.  This time is different.

We’ve decided that we’re not nearly as excited about all-nighters anymore, and a more leisurely trip is in order.  We’re taking four days to get there and then will be coming home in 3 days.  Overall, we’ll be gone 13 days, but are taking time in both Northern Minnesota and Rochester (south eastern) to enjoy and relax, and visit.

There are two more major differences to this trip. It’s the first trip we’ve done camping the entire way. Yep. camping.  13 nights of camping in a tent.

With the exception of our stay in Rochester, we are staying in state parks the entire trip. I’m actually excited about that. I have some great memories from camping in state parks with my family as a child. So this will be cool.

All of our destinations are on lakes, so the kids will get to try their hands at canoeing and kayaking. J is experienced at canoeing (sp?) but the rest of us aren’t. Kgirl really wants to try Kayaking, so she should have opportunity on this trip.

The other major change in this trip is that we’ve added another dog to our family since the last major road trip.  Sirius at the Park, practicing for our camping road trip

Sirius, named after the Dog Star in the Orion constellation, is a 90lb Lab/Boxer mix.  So the complete opposite size wise from Jazzy, the 9 pound fluff ball that also travels with us.

We’re excited though. Sirius has been through two training classes now, loves to ride in the car, and is super sweet. We’re looking forward to seeing how he does on a road trip.

Oh, and the last change… We changed vehicles.  After 156,000 miles, our gold minivan just wasn’t up to the challenge of another road trip, especially not one during summer. So, we are now traveling in a much larger vehicle – a “new to us” Ford Expedition.

our new road trip mobile!

So lots of changes, but lots of  similarities too. It should be a good trip!


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One Response to Setting off on a New Road Trip

  1. Can’t wait to read more about your trip! I’ll pray for safe travels and great camping weather! :) Have fun!