Fall Road Trip – Day 2: Stopping for Breakfast and a Exercise Break

After driving all night, we stopped off at the McDonald’s in Post, TX for a hot meal, bathroom, and to make the transition from nighttime to day time. We don’t regret our choice to drive this route through Texas, but we are appreciating how big Texas really is.

It’ll be another four hours until we see the Texas-New Mexico border. So far we’ve seen a lot of little towns, and it’s a bit of  a game to guess how the people of each community make their living based on the stores and shops we see, and the industry that we see on the outskirts of town. 

Day2-TX-image_ 027_300x169-r

You can learn a lot about a town by the age of the buildings, their state of repair, and what businesses are open for business and which are deserted. Here in Post, TX, they’ve obviously reinvested into the historic downtown region. K and I both love architecture, and we had plenty to admire just here on the street down from McDonald’s.

  After a breakfast, the kids found a little hill, more of an grassy incline on the edge of the parking lot, edged with a brick wall. J played with a tennis ball against the wall for a little while (ala handball style), while the others played. Then someone got the idea of rolling down the grassy incline, and that took over the rest of the break.

I surprised them, by taking a roll down the hill myself. Little E’s comment, “how did it feel to be a child again mom?” :)  

Day2-TX-image_ 029_300x169-r

But poor Greg. While the kids were rolling down the hill and playing, he had to go digging through the roof bag for J’s clothes bag. Good thing I chose to color code the bags, otherwise it would have been difficult to find up there. But we did get to try out our power inverter for the first time – to re-shrink J’s Space Bag- and that worked great!

 Day2-TX-image_ 031_300x169-r

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