Fall Road Trip Day 2: Driving the Backroads of Texas

Texas is the second largest state in the US, and now the kids know that for a fact! We left last night on our fall road trip around 10:30 and drove all through the night, through the back highways of Texas, specifically SR-36 and US-84. It was a clear, bright night, and so we got actually saw a great deal of the country side as we drove along. 

One of the major differences between driving the backroads instead of the interstate is that you get to see the real country, where people live, work, and make their way in the world. Along the interstate, we learn the landscape of area, but the focus is on getting from one place to another.  On the backroads, this is America. These are the local roads and businesses where people spend their lives.

image_ 019An interstate is geared for 24 hour travel, with truck stops, gas, and food choices available every so often just when you need them.

On the local highways and roads, it’s geared for normal day-to-day life. Finding a place to stop for the bathroom or gas in the middle of the night is a little more difficult, but well worth the time and education.

It’s here on the backroads of America that you’ll meet every day people, the people who raise our food, service our roads, and make every day life possible.

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