Fall Road Trip – Day 1: Packing It All Up – Food

So far we’ve packed up the clothes, blankets, and pillows, and the technology we’re bringing along on the fall road trip. Now it’s time for the Food!

Since we live and travel on a tight budget, one of the ways we keep our food travel costs down is by only eating out once a day. So the remaining meals and snacks we bring along or buy along the way at a grocery store.

Restaurant and convenience store food really adds up, but we’ve all got to eat. So this is one of the most important packing steps.

If we don’t have the right foods in an easy to access place, we are going to eat out. But space on a family road trip is also a premium. So here’s what we plan on:

  • Snacks – sweet, chocolate, salty, soft, and crunchy, including M&Ms, almonds, pretzels, crackers, cheese sticks, and some favorite candies
  • Drinks – a case of water, a case of chocolate milk, and a case of 100% fruit juice. Plus 2 six packs of bottled soda.
  • Breakfast foods – granola bars, cereal, instant oatmeal packets, a small bottle of milk, a bag of bagels
  • Fruit – Z must have fruit to stay balanced and calm, so we have his bag of apples and the rest of us will get fruit while we dine out.
  • Veggies – Cut-up broccoli for Greg (with Ranch dipping sauce) and a bag of mini-carrots for K, Jazzy, and I
  • Lunches – bread, sliced lunch meat, sliced cheese, mayo for Greg and J
  • Dinner – one small roast in a Ziploc bag with onions and peppers, ready for the crockpot, and 2 cans of soup.
  • Utensils & paper goods – plastic silverware, small plates, small bowls, garbage bags, paper towels (easier to contain than napkins), and 3 small hand towels

We’re bringing along my small crockpot, which then we can either have in the car with us running off the power inverter, or we can use in a hotel room.  Greg likes to have a hot meal at least once a day, if not twice, so this allows us a little more variety for cooking over just having sandwiches.

I’ve organized all the food stuff into types and how we’ll use it. The cold stuff obviously goes into the ice chest. But we are also using a small plastic chest of drawer to easily organize and access the various food. Then I’m using my zippered reusable grocery bags to organize the remaining foods. we have a bag for:

  • snacks
  • bread & bagels
  • drinks (soda, water, milk, and juice boxes for the day)

I learned long ago that storing food items in easily accessible zippered bags makes it easier to get to them, and easier to contain the food stuff inside. If we open the back, something is bound to shift and fall out. So having zippered bags allows the bag to fall and not have to pick up all the contents from the ground :)

We’ll shop more as needed further along in the trip, so we are also bringing our coupon book, which K cleaned out and updated for us earlier in the week.

So now that the food is all packed up and ready to go, the technology is gathered up and organized, and the clothing and blankets are packed up and shrunked down it’s time to load the van.

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