Fall Road Trip Day 1: And we’re off!

After a day for preparation and packing, we are finally off on our Fall Road Trip. The agenda for the first leg has changed a bit too, as Greg decided he didn’t want to travel the interstate through Texas. We’ve never really explored Texas since moving here 4 years ago, so he chose to change the route from Houston to Flagstaff, through some of the state highways, through little towns and some of the scenery.


We originally wanted to be on the road by 5pm, but then changed it to aiming for 7pm, and 8pm.. We actually made it out the door at 9:15, but had a false start and had to come back for something. Actually were on the road by 10:20pm. 

Taking this scenic route at night seems odd, but in reality it’s rather relaxing and easier to drive then the interstate. And we are enjoying the dark open scenery as we drive.

As Greg put it, “it’s a great night to travel, hardly any traffic to worry about.”

We learned a long time ago, on some of our first road trips with K, to leave just before nap time or a bedtime. That allows us a good amount of travel time while the kids rest or sleep before a break is needed. We’ve carried that tradition over as the kids have gotten older, and it works well.

Right now, Z and Little E are asleep, and J, who took a nap today, is quietly listening to an audio book and is petting Jazzy. K is trying to sleep in between Jazzy’s needs.

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