Road Trip Planning: Finding a Hotel Room that Sleeps 6 or more

One of the things that we didn’t think about when we chose to have 4 children is that it would make finding a hotel room much more difficult. Not that we would ever trade in any of our kids, especially not Little E. But, most hotels are limited to 4 or 5 guests per room. And unless you want to spring for two rooms, it can be a challenge to find a hotel room for 6.

In fact, this was a major concern for us when planning our trip to San Diego in 2005. K was 8 and Little E was just a toddler; they were too young to be in a hotel room by themselves, and we really wanted to stay together as a family.

Now for our Fall Road Trip, K is a teenager and LittleE is 6, so it’s not the same concern. But we would still like to stay together as a family if we can. Thankfully, as I was hunting around for a hotel room in Arizona, I discovered

sixsuitcase has taken all the time consuming legwork out of hunting for a large-family-friendly hotel room. All you do is choose the state you are traveling to, then choose the city, and up pops a list of hotels that allow for 5 or more people in a hotel room. Hotels that have rooms that allow for 7 or 8 or more are specially  marked.

From there you just click the link and go straight to the hotel reservation site, to see what the room rates and availability is.

Finding this site, cut down my hotel search for the Fall Road Trip significantly. All I had to do is check to run  a search on, pick a hotel, verify that they fit my budget, had availability, and allowed pets, and I was set. So much easier.

If you have a large family, I highly recommend checking them out the next time you need a hotel room that sleeps 6 or more.

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