Travel Safety Tip: Take Group & Individual Pictures Each Day

travel-safety-tip-taking individual photos each day helps describe your child if they become lost

Every parent’s nightmare is to lose their child, especially in a crowded setting. And then when or if it happens, how in the world to do you remember all the details you need to describe your child accurate to those who can help locate your child?

One easy and proactive way to handle this is to take a picture of your child at the venue, before you go inside.

This way you have a picture on your camera that you have with you, that shows what your child looks like that day, what they are wearing, how they styled their hair, and at their exact age that moment.

So next time you are traveling or spending your day in a crowded venue, like a theme/amusement park or even a festival, just take a few minutes to snap a picture of your group and then of each individual child.

If your child is wearing a hat, be sure to take two pictures –one with the hat and one without, because headgear definitely can alter how a person looks.

Hopefully you’ll never need these pictures, other than as souvenirs from a fun trip, but if you do need them, you will know that you have them right there, and it could save you precious time finding your child.

Taking a group photo can help authorities identify your child when they are lost

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